Carol Tòfones is a family: Josep Maria, la Maria and Núria. It all began ... years ago, when Osona had yet to really put its name on the map as truffle country.

Josep Maria, a truffle-grower born and bred, was a pioneer when it comes to finding truffles. A founding member of the Osona Truffle Grower's Association, he was a strong supporter of regulation for the truffle industry, leading the fight against illegal growers and supporter of regulation for the truffle industry, leading the fight against illegal grofers and supporting best truffle collection practices. Maria has brought her own personal brand of sensitivity, good taste and commercial know-how. She's helped make the company's stall at Vic marketplace the vibrant place it is today, as well as shaping the new range of products available there. Núria is their daughter, the next generation, the future of the family company.

Open-minded naure lovers, the family have together taken their company far, all while staying grounded to the spirit with which they began the business. They work hard to keep the truffle-growing spirit of Osona alive. They are truffle growers through and through, and always strive to stay on top of changes in the world of truffles. 

Hunting for truffles locally, thinking globally. They follow the cycles of Mother Nature. They sell the truffles they gather, from the harvest to you kitchen, with the highest quality guarantees.

Their name is backed up by their customers and truffle lovers who always come back for more.
Their customers include the most prestigious chefs in Osona.

They sell the freshest seasonal produce, carefully selected. They sell truffles in all its forms, with the most exquisite produce available all year round. 

They work hand-in-hand with other producers in Osona (cheesemakers, butchers...) to develop truffle-based products that can satisfy even the most demanding palates. 

Pep Palau